Bridging the gap while maintaining nutritional value

Processing ParametersPasteurizing TechnologiesParametersHeat TreatmentBacteria Killequipmentfll equipment package materialpackage treatment product storage shelf lifeCapexCost of operationCompetitionCurrentFresh Milk MarketHISTPasteurized161F / 15 secsome survivalsanitized/exposedlimited protectionpaper, plasticuntreatedless than 45F10-21 dayslowlowhighUntappedLong Life Fresh®Milk"HTST+MSTPasteurized MST161F / 15 secnearly sterileSanitized, Koshered/exposedProtected or limited protection paper, plasticUntreated or treated with H202less than 45F45+ dayslowlowlow/noneCurrentESL Milk MarketESL - HHST/UHTUltra Pasteurized283F + / 2secnearly sterilesterilized/closedprotectedpaper, plastictreated with H202less than 45F60 - 120 dayshighhighhigh


The Food Science Center of Purdue University

What we learned from testing store bought milk at The Food Science Center of Purdue University


We found that there were Thermoduric Psychrotroph Spore Formers, Gram Positives Rods, in the Store-Bought Milk Tested. Which goes along with the curves found with the Paenibacillus A5030 testing. At low numbers they germinate and grow slowly over time.

Germination Study Results of Thermoduric Psychrotroph, Paenibacillus sp. (H8237)

Recreate the following graph branded MST


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