MST: The Next Generation in Pasteurization

A revolutionary new and patented technology that integrates with the traditional HTST Fresh Milk processes to produce long life products with all the same nutritional values that consumers of fresh milk desire.

  • Nutrition and taste are not compromised
  • Manufacturing and distribution are optimized

Long life Fresh®

Holds up in the refrigerator from 3-4 times beyond the date code of regular HTST Fresh Milk

Optimizes distribution through the Supply Chain

  • Fewer and longer production runs
  • Higher Quality Product
  • Allows a change in distribution
  • Fewer trips to the stores
  • Simplify shelf stocking in the store
  • Eliminates returns and disposals
  • Allows for a greater distribution territory
  • And more 

About Us

Millisecond Technologies Corp. (MSTC)

MSTC in the Dairy and Beverage Industry

Experience and Know How

We Know HowFOOD & BEVERAGE JCS KNOW HOWMST TECHNOLOGYJCS ENGINEERING EXPERTISECUSTOMER PARTNERINGF&B JCS KNOW HOW32 years of advance process and control systems to the F&B industry• JCS customers include Fortune 500/100 to small privately held businesses in the dairy, juice, alcohol, and beverage industriesJCS ENGINEERING EXPERTISE• Developing advance F&B processing systemsCUSTOMER PARTNERING• Responding quickly to our customers needs day or nightEXCLUSIVE MST SUPPLIER• JCS is the exclusive manufacturer and integrator of Millisecond Technology (MST® in USA, Canada, Central America, Latin America, The Caribbean, Asia, and Oceania

Where has this been done?

Vaquería Tres Monjitas Fresh Long-Lasting Milk

Vaquería Tres Monjitas is a commercially operating dairy in San Juan, PR. This is a Grade A milk facility under FDA/PMO regulations, that has had the reputation of the highest quality fresh Puerto Rican milk for over 100 Years.

Vaquería Tres Monjitas generated a marketing campaign to launch their new Long-Life Fresh milk and has taken over a large share of the PR market.

While fresh milk is in decline, their MST Long Life Fresh milk has been growing 5% month on month over the last year. During the Covid-19 lockdown the dairy market in PR has declined by 10% while the MST milk sales have increased by 58.5%.

more than 35 days


What is being said

Mission Statement

Singnificantly extend shelf life of fresh pasteurised liquid foods without compromising quality thus introducing a new Long Life Fresh product category


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