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Key Management Background

Management is highly experienced across all aspects of the dairy industry

Andrei ArofikinChairman and Acting President
Former Managing Director, Merrill Lynch
• Founder and Chairman of the Board
• Spearheaded company activities over 15 years
• Education
– MA, Moscow State University
– MBA, University of Wisconsin
Sergey BubnovCFA, Acting CFO
Former Principal Banker, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
Board member and Co-Founder
Extensive financial experience across various industries
– MA&MBA, University of Chicago
Philip R. FrechetteCTO, Director of Technical Applications
Founder and CEO of JCS Process and Control Systems Co.
Former President of Satt Control, subsidiary of Alfa-Laval
Former Director of Engineering at Alfa Laval (now part of Tetra-Pak)
Close collaboration with FDA, other regulatory agencies, food laboratories
University affiliations
Participant in cooperative development programs