MST is a new patented pasteurization technique. Employing a unique combination of low heat and low pressure it achieves a highly efficient reduction of pathogens in liquid products and is applicable both to liquid foods and pharmaceutical products and substances.  MST preserves nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and protein, while maintaining the natural flavor of the product being processed.

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The MST process suppresses or eliminates microorganisms’ vital functions.

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The product is pumped into the MST chamber under pressure, dispersing into small droplets via spray nozzle.


The droplets are formed at speed of 10 m/sec and propelled into the MST Chamber.


The microorganisms inside the droplets undergo shock from instantaneous pressure drop and temperature increase, unprotected by the fact that they have no surrounding liquid to absorb the shock, leaving them unable to survive the shock.


The product droplets then return to a liquid stream at the discharge of the MST Chamber. Since this all happens at temperatures below PMO requirements for Fresh Milk, the milk is then further heated to PMO and held in the normal HTST Hold Tube, so that the product is completely compliant with USA Interstate Milk Shippers PMO requirements for Grade A Fresh Milk.


MST is easily integrated into existing facilities

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Science report published by Purdue University research team

Science report published by Purdue University research team

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Management is highly experienced across all aspects of the dairy industry.

Chairman and Acting President

Andrei Arofikin

Former Managing Director, Merrill Lynch
• Founder and Chairman of the Board
• Spearheaded company activities over 15 years
• Education
– MA, Moscow State University
– MBA, University of Wisconsin

CFA, Acting CFO

Sergey Bubnov

Former Principal Banker, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
Board member and Co-Founder
Extensive financial experience across various industries
– MA&MBA, University of Chicago


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